Communicate through time.

Experience a never before explored way of communicating through time and space.

What is Kaiku?
(The word kaiku means in Finnish language echo.)

Kaiku began with a simple idea: what if your memories lived on location through time. A new way to experience the past and perhaps even new way to connect with people around you. Kaiku is currently incubated at the Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency in Darmstadt and is partly funded by the European Union through the EFRE program.

Peer into the past.

Relive history of a location through memories left behind there over time. Leaving something behind is part of us, from cave paintings to hieroglyphs all the way to graffities. Kaiku is the next step in that evolution.

Memories that live on locations.

Memories can be from friends or someone who happens to frequent in the same locations as you. Responding to these memories opens up a new and interesting way of connecting with people.

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